Dr. Avi Chakrabartty, PhD

In 1994, Avi took up his position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto and Senior Scientist at the University Health Network. The central focus of Avi’s lab is protein misfolding and disease.

Scientific Associate

"You should be wearing a lab coat! "

  • Dr. Kevin Hadley, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  • Dr. Natalie J. Galant, PhD

  • Dr. Yulong Sun, PhD

  • Dr. Vanessa Morris, PhD

MSc Students

  • Jethro Prinston, MSc Candidate

  • Alison Medina-Cruz, MSc Candidate

  • Meghan Wing, MSc Candidate

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Joseph Marsilla

  • Ruthie Sun